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“The KIT List is a great and efficient source for job applicants. Since itís a referred list, we find quality people very quickly!”

Joan Reagan
Director, Client Development
Calamia and Associates

Itís free to join the KIT List and receive emails of job opportunities.

The KIT List is for job seekers, recruiters and employers...or anyone who wants to get a sense of the job market.

Due to the large volume of technical jobs, we created a second list in addition to the KIT original list, KIT Tech, specifically for technical jobs.

The KIT List is hosted on Yahoo!Groups, so you will first be joining the community through Yahoo!Groups; then you will begin receiving job postings. You can also post job opportunities for a small charge.

IMPORTANT! If you are already receiving emails through Yahoo!Groups for the KIT List or KIT Tech, you do not need to subscribe again through this Web site. However, if you are subscribed to one list, and would like to add the other list, you can join here.

You are welcome to join either one or both of the lists:

For marketing, management, marketing communications, finance, human resources, sales, operations, administration, etc.

For technical jobs, such as IT management, technical product management, engineering, software and hardware designers, programmers, technical writing etc.

Once youíve joined, you can choose to receive job listings compiled into a single daily email, or you can elect not to receive any email and view job postings on the Web site, instead. Just change your Yahoo!Groups user preferences (see FAQs for details).

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