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“The KIT List is a superb, smart, networking tool that�s a revolutionary way for people to share job leads. The KIT List provides high-quality candidates who fit the job specifications for my searches.”

Rebecca Davis
Aspire Search


How do I subscribe to the KIT List?

Click on the “Join KIT List” button on the KIT List home page or on the button shown above, and you can join either one or both of the lists.

The KIT List is free to join and it is for job seekers, recruiters, and employers. There is a small charge if you would like to post a job opportunity to the KIT List.

Please note that since the KIT List is hosted by Yahoo!Groups, you will also become a member of Yahoo!Groups in order to receive job postings and post jobs.

IMPORTANT: Keep a record of the user ID and password you use when signing up with Yahoo!Groups. You will need them to change your preferences or view archived job postings.

How do I unsubscribe?

If you subscribed by email, send an email from the same address you were using when you originally signed up:

KIT List:
KIT Tech:

To unsubscribe via the Web, go to and select “My Groups.” You may need to sign in. Once you select “My Groups” you will see a list of the Yahoo!Groups you have joined. Select “Edit My Groups” and then you�ll see a check box under “Leave Group” to the far right. Select this box if you want to unsubscribe, save your changes, and then you�ll be all set.

Occasionally, there are technical problems with the Yahoo!Groups “unsubscribe” mechanism. If you continue to receive KIT List emails 24 hours after your request to unsubscribe, please email us and we will manually remove you. Please send us mail from the email address you used to subscribe to the KIT List:

KIT List:      
KIT Tech:    

How do I post a job to the list?

Just click on the “Post a Job” button on the KIT List home page or on the button shown above.

Please provide the job title, company name, and the city and state in the appropriate boxes on the “Post a Job” form. Including the company name is optional, but if it�s a well-known company, it�s recommended to attract more responses (i.e., Marketing Manager at SGI, Mt. View, CA).

IMPORTANT: Please include the contact information with the name, phone number, and/or email address and indicate whether it�s a consulting or permanent position. You can list only one job in each posting.

How does the KIT List work?

The KIT List is an email community where job seekers receive emails of job opportunities. The list is free to join, and there is a small charge to recruiters and employers to post job opportunities to the KIT List.

The KIT List is powered by Yahoo! Groups which sends out the job posting emails to job seekers and hosts the Message Archives of the job postings for viewing by KIT List subscribers.

After paying for a job posting or value package, the employer or recruiter fills out the job information to be posted, and then submits the job to either the KIT List (for non-technical jobs) or the KIT-Tech List (for technical jobs).

A KIT List moderator then reviews the job for appropriateness (please see Terms of Use). No postings for adult-themed businesses, multi-level marketing, or the use of discriminatory language are allowed).

After the moderator approves the job posting, it is sent immediately out to the job seekers via email that is delivered by Yahoo! Groups. The moderators usually approve postings within a few hours during regular business hours (Pacific Time), but please allow up to 24 hours for a posting to appear, especially for late-night or weekend postings.

Using their Yahoo! Groups preferences, KIT List subscribers can choose to receive their jobs as “Individual Emails,” or compiled as a “Daily Digest” (which groups up to 25 emails into a single email), or they can just view the jobs on the web by selecting the “No Email” option.

All jobs that have been approved by the moderators can be viewed by KIT List subscribers in the Messages sections on Yahoo! Groups (KIT List or KIT-Tech List). You must be a subscriber of the KIT List or the KIT-Tech List in order to access their respective Messages sections (join here).

Why did the KIT List convert from a free to a paid service?

The KIT List was created in 1997 by Sue Connelly to “keep in touch” with and to help her friends and colleagues find great jobs. Posting on the list was originally free of charge since Sue moderated it in her spare time. The KIT List grew rapidly, and the workload became staggering. Her two friends, Amy Sloniker and Val Cienega, and Sue's sister, Kelly Connelly, have contributed their time since 2002 to help manage the huge moderator workload as the list grew to over 67,000 subscribers and provides more than 3,000 job postings each month.

In order to continue providing this service to the community, we need to hire moderator help and fund the development of additional features and functionality in the future that KIT List members have requested. As of August 2003, a small fee is being charged to employers and recruiters, while the list remains free to job seekers in order to maintain the highest quality of candidates.

Thank you for your support through the process of turning the KIT List into a self-sustaining service to the community!

What is inappropriate to post?

At this time, you can only post open positions for either permanent or consulting work. Please do not post résumés, requests for contacts, assistance, or replies to previous posts. We require that all users of the KIT List treat each other with respect and professionalism and that they abide by our Terms of Use or they will be removed from the list.

For employers and recruiters:
Job postings cannot contain text that is discriminatory, derogatory, or list jobs that are for inappropriate businesses (companies involved in pornography, adult themes, or using dubious financial methods, are not acceptable on the list).

For job seekers:
It is inappropriate to send replies to a posted position with the intention of inflaming the recipient. Rude, questionable, or unprofessional behavior will result in removal from the list.

What kinds of jobs are posted to the KIT List?

KIT List:
The KIT List is for posting professional positions that are non-technical, such as marketing, management, marketing communications, sales, finance, human resources, administration, etc.

KIT Tech:
The KIT Tech List is for all positions of a technical nature, such as IT management, programming, engineering, software and hardware development, etc. We realize some positions may cross over both lists (technical product managers and tech writers, for example), so we recommend that you post them on the KIT Tech list.

Can I just see the job postings on the KIT Web site instead of receiving emails?

Yes! Once you�ve subscribed to either KIT List, you can set your preferences to receive “Special Notices,” so that you still receive important updates from your friendly moderators, or to “No Email” where you can check the posted positions and notices directly on the Web site as needed. Please see the “How do I change my preferences for receiving email?” section below.

What are my options for receiving the KIT List?

You can receive the KIT List three ways: individual mailings of each job posting, a daily digest that compiles all positions posted for the day into one email, or by viewing the posts on the Web site. Please see how to change your preferences in the section below.

How do I change my preferences for receiving email?

Go to and select “My Groups.” You may need to sign in with your Yahoo!Groups user ID and password. Once you select “My Groups” you will see a list of the Yahoo!Groups email lists you have joined. Select “Edit My Groups” and then you�ll see “Message Delivery.” This drop-down menu allows you to choose “No Mail,” “Individual Email,” “Daily Digest,” or “Special Notices.” Select what you prefer and save your option.

“Daily Digest” is recommended, since so many emails are sent each day...this consolidates them all into one daily email. If you�d rather not receive any job emails but would prefer to view them on the Web, we recommend you select the “Special Notices” option instead of “No Email,” so you will still get important announcements from the moderators.

Where is the KIT List home page?

The KIT List home page is

However, since KIT List is hosted on Yahoo!Groups, you�ll need to go to the Yahoo!Groups page to change your email preferences or to view previous postings.

KIT List:
KIT Tech:

How can I see past job postings and the message archives?

You can view all of the previous emails that have been sent by clicking the “Messages” button on the Yahoo!Groups home page for the list to which you are subscribed:

KIT List:
KIT Tech:

All jobs that go out via the KIT List email are posted to the Message Archives on Yahoo! Groups so that job seekers can view the jobs via the web. Job seekers can also use the key word or advanced search functions to find your job posting.

You must be a subscriber to receive KIT List emails, or to view the jobs on the web. Employers and recruiters are not required to subscribe to the KIT List email lists; they can post jobs directly through the KIT List web site. If you do not wish to receive all of the KIT List emails, you can still be a subscriber and choose the Web Only option in your subscription preferences so you can still access the job archives. You can also select the 'Daily Digest' option that compiles 25 emails into a single email. Click here to subscribe.

I am having problems logging into the site, what should I do?

First, please check that you are using your correct email address and password. If you are still having problems logging in, it may be because you are not yet registered on the site. Although you may already be a KIT List member through
Yahoo!Groups, we need you to register on this site since we cannot access the email addresses and passwords from Yahoo!Groups.

You only need to register if you wish to post a job to the list. Just fill in the "Member Information" section on the "Post a Job" page the first time you post a job. When you return to the site, just use the "Sign In" form on the "Post a Job" page and the site will remember you!

If you are a job seeker, you do not need to create a profile on this site. You can join the list using Yahoo!Groups by going to the "Join KIT List" page, selecting the list to which you'd like to belong, and provide your email and password. You will then start receiving KIT List job listings through Yahoo!Groups. The "Sign In" form on the "Post a Job" page is so recruiters and employers can access their account information for posting jobs.

How do I contact the moderators?

Sue, Amy, and Val are just an email away to answer your questions! Please check this FAQ section first to see if we've already answered your question. Thanks, as this helps to keep the moderator workload to a reasonable level!

If you are already subscribed to a list, just send an email to:

KIT List:      
KIT Tech:    

You can reach us at , if you are not yet a KIT member.

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